Rosey Bear Boutique LLC
Family Owned and Operated Since 2006

The Rosey Bear Family

Rosey Bear Boutique LLC is a small, family owned business in the Rochester, NY area, serving families across the entire United States since 2006. We care about the child behind every customer's purchase. We listen to our customers and strive to help them make their purchasing decisions. We want your shopping experience with us to be the very best.

We love to hear from our customers, but don't be surprised to hear from us! We speak personally with more than 50% of our customers before shipping their orders! We are here for you, so please share your suggestions. If you've shopped with us, you've seen our angels on our website. Send us pictures of YOUR angels wearing items you've purchased from us and we might just feature them on our website.

The Rosey Bear Beginning

Rosey Bear Boutique was born out of a couple's struggle to find age appropriate dress clothes for their young family. Our search for tasteful, high-quality dresses and outfits proved much more difficult than expected. With 4 small children and 2 full-time jobs, spending hours clumping along from one shop to the next was near impossible and difficult on the children. The only practical solution was online shopping, available 24 hours a day, when it fit into our day. No matter what schedule the children were on, we could accomplish it all from the comfort of our own home. It was the perfect answer.

Unfortunately, despite the incredible convenience, we found that it was still difficult to find the right clothing and the service was definitely lacking. We wanted dressy and special occasion, age-appropriate, style, fun, variety, simple uniqueness and, most of all, QUALITY (and let's not forget, help when we needed it). Yes, we wanted everything! So, when we struggled to find it, we decided to become part of the solution by creating just that kind of boutique.

The Rosey Bear Goals

  • To provide high-quality dressy and special occasion clothing, accessories and specialty items for children of all ages.
  • To provide choices in moderate and better pricing structures for families within a wide range of budgets.
  • To provide world-class customer service in a venue where it is typically not found.

The Rosey Bear Difference

Personal Service Like No Other

Internet shopping does not have to be anonymous and impersonal. Our customers are often surprised by our extraordinary personal service. Our personal shopping assistance offers you the time that YOU need to get answers to your questions and help with sizing. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we'll try to find it. Research takes time and it's often hard to know where to start. We'll put our knowledge and resources to work for you!

Just call us and we'll show you what real customer care means! Each customer deserves our undivided attention, so if you don't reach us right away, don't worry, we do return calls! (and e-mails too!) One of the family will respond to you just as soon as we can.

Quality and Selection

Inexpensive does not have to mean "cheap". Boutique does not have to mean "overpriced". Age appropriate does not have to mean "boring". We bring you a variety of quality fabrics in the latest colors and styles for a range of budgets. We find designs to fit their age and keep your fashion conscious ones content. Sweet detailing, classic cuts and understated trims and embellishments ensure that your child will stand out for the right reasons on that special day.